Expanded Requirements for Covid-19 Testing from the C.D.C.

The good news is that we are able to travel very soon.   But, it’s not without some hoops to jump through.  That’s precisely why it is good to work with a trusted travel agent.  The article below is a press release from the C.D.C.   CDC Expands Negative COVID-19 Test… Continue Reading…



Before traveling out of state, you must consult local state and county resources to see what restrictions might be in place for traveling during COVID-19. Each state is different, and some guidelines are more stringent than others. Some states may require you to quarantine for 14 days before entering their… Continue Reading…

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Hello Fellow Travelers, Traveling locally and out-of-town/state has been very challenging since March 2020 and what follows are some short articles/blogs about some important safety tips. I will be adding more content to this section. Keep coming back. TIPS for safe local travel during COVID-19                 There is so much to… Continue Reading…

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C Is For Colorado

Hello again, Road Trip fans, Today’s newsletter is about Colorado and its rugged beauty and diversity. Come and explore the many things to do here, from the natural mineral hots springs, to sand dunes, to Pikes Peak and the Colorado River. You will not be disappointed with a visit to… Continue Reading…

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Road trip

Hey Road Trip fans:   Here is another idea for your travels across America.   There is so much to do and so many memories to make.  Rent a car; take a camper.  You will be making some wonderful memories.  This is especially fun for a family.   There are many historical… Continue Reading…

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