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Summer Travel Tips

Summer Travel Tips Written by S. Dorothy Smith July 11 at 10:10 AM It’s summer vacation time and just as with anything worthwhile, setting yourself up for a successful excursion entails tending to details, details, details. Got your passports? Check. Got your itineraries all planned? Check. Medications and refills in… Continue Reading…

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A is for Arizona

Welcome back, everyone. This newsletter shows just a few of the areas to visit in Arizona. Arizona is known as the Grand Canyon state. It really offers you the opportunity to see and experience some of the most breathtakingly beautiful destinations. There are 4 rims to the Grand Canyon, so… Continue Reading…

Life of a Travel AgentTravelTravel News


Hi folks.  Nice to see you here again. Today’s state is Alaska – or the call of the wild and beautiful.  Alaska has so much to offer and so many activities to participate in.   The state’s nickname is the Last Frontier, and rightly so.  How would you like to see… Continue Reading…


Notes From A Road-trip Queen Spotlight: Alabama

I don’t know about you, but after being quarantined for the past few months, I am ready to plan my next vacation.  Instead of Europe or taking boats, planes or trains, I decided it would be fun to rent a car and go see America. At least for now. The… Continue Reading…

Hello I am Nancy, and I am a Travel Advisor

I can offer guidance to help you select your family’s perfect vacation and I will deal with all the research and travel information. I get paid by travel suppliers and all of my services are FREE! Allow me to do the work and you simply relax and experience the vacation or trip of a lifetime!